Small projects

We are delighted to be able to assist other community initiatives in small ways throughout the year,  as our finances allow. Money comes from fundraising events as well as personal donations from members and well-wishers.

Books and pens for a Taveta school
In February 2018, Rotarian Ian Graham visited a school in Taveta that had been set up by the community. The school is in the process of becoming a registered government school, but until then they are struggling for even basic items such as pens and exercise books. Our club decided to make a donation to the local Rotary Club of Taveta of Ksh 20,000/- so that they could assist in the short-term to buy these essential items for the students. We wish them all the best as they transition to a government school and eventually receive their rightful funding from the County.

Stationery donation to Kilifi Police
In May 2017 we raised funds amongst our members to be able to present essential stationery items such as foolscap folders and pens to the Kilifi Police. While we feel this should be funded by County Government, the reality is the police were finding themselves underfunded and unable to file case reports. As such, some cases were going unrecorded, including serious ones of chid abuse. We felt we had to act, and so purchased and presented the stationery ourselves. We hope to continue to do this whilst also speaking to County about the chronic underfunding of our police force.

Rotarians present the Kilifi Police with essential papers so that they may record cases

Kenya Sign Language courses for Pwani University students
Former Rotarian Professor Zigler’s work focusses on Special Needs and Inclusive Education, and we have had interesting speakers at the club on this topic. When “Prof”, as we call him, approached us with an idea to fund a small cohort of university students to take a course in Kenyan Sign Language we teamed up with our Rotarian Ian Graham, then in the UK, and funded ten students. Students graduated in June 2017 and we say congratulations to all who took this fantastic course.