Our Education Committee works in collaboration with KESHO-Kenya, a local organisation providing not just financial sponsorship, but a holistic approach to a student’s education. Secondary school is not free in Kenya and for many families, the cost of fees and materials puts secondary education out of reach. Many students in Kilifi drop out after Primary school, and are effectively denied the right to an education and opportunities.

We work year round to fundraise for KESHO-Kenya to be able to send the most needy in our communities to secondary school. To date we have helped over 40 students achieve that education, which we believe is a right and not a privilege.

In 2017 we raised over Ksh 300,000/- which has allowed us to add students to our roster with KESHO-Kenya for the 2018 academic year, as well as paying for a number of Pwani university students to complete a KSL qualified sign language course.

Our main fundraiser is the annual Rotary Run/Walk for Education, a 5km loop from Karisa Maitha grounds in town, along Bofa Road and back. This year’s event is on 23rd June 2018 and is open to everyone, regardless of age or ability. Entrance is Ksh 1,000/- and all funds raised go directly to pay for school fees and associated costs such as uniforms.

Students on the Rotary Run/Walk

For more information about KESHO-Kenya please visit Our relationship with KESHO-Kenya is governed by an annually-reviewed Memorandum Of Understanding, with transparent accounts available upon request.