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MAY 2018

Our Community Initiative for May is a collection for the many families displaced by the recent flooding across Kilifi County and other parts of Kenya. According to Red Cross on the ground, over 120,000 people have been displaced with 20,000 people left homeless and without any belongings. Recent trips to the camps set up near Malindi show burst river banks covering the land with silt and sand for up to 4km either side, flattening everything in its path.

Our Community Visibility team launched an initiative for the month of May to collect items for delivery to the camps and to displaced families. So far we have collected a huge number of items and food, and through our partnership with Red Cross we are distributing these to the most needy. If you have items to donate, please take them along to any of the collections points noted on the poster above before 30th May. We will then take them to Red Cross who will ensure they are distributed to those most in need.


APRIL 2018

In April, with the help of the community and a local football team, we planted 78 trees at Mnarani Primary School, the nearest school to our club meeting place. These trees – mostly indigenous species plus some fruit trees – will provide much-needed shade for those at the school and of course will contribute to the reforestation efforts of Rotary clubs the world over.

MARCH 2018

In March we held a literacy event for local children, in partnership with Kenya National Library Service, KESHO-Kenya and Moving The Goalposts. Hundreds of children came to use the huge variety of books and learning materials made available that day, including e-readers, school textbooks, spelling tests and fiction books. Group reading sessions and free reading time were interspersed with drama and dance performances from the schools, including a fantastic play by students from Kibarani School For The Deaf about the importance of reading and a spelling bee. The Kilifi Library, which was also supported by the Rotary Club of Kilifi was open and you could sign up for your library card on the day.