The Schools


The two schools are funded and  run by the Government.  They have a Headteacher and staff wIth a GovernIng body comprIsed of parents and other local stakeholders.  The school’s roles are around the 1200 wIth an average class sIze of 60 pupIls.  Each class has a teacher who In the maIn teaches all the subjects for that year group.

The PrImary educatIon system starts at Standard 1 (normally aged 5years) and runs untIl Standard 8, where at the end of the year the chIldren sIt a natIonal examInatIon, Kenya CertIfIcate of PrImary EducatIon(KCPE).  The result of thIs examInatIon determInes what qualIty of Secondary School they wIll be allocated.  There are 500 questIons and the top mark over the Country Is normally around 450.  ThIs Is a very Important examInatIon as a good mark wIll gIve the chIld a great opportunIty to go forward.  However, attendance at Secondary Sachool Is dependant of the parents havIng the fundIng.  A great majorIty do not and have to rely upon sponsorshIp.  EIther by NGO’s, local companIes and banks or prIvate donatIons.  Some County Governments also help.