The Projects that Mnarani Aid carries out are all requested by the schools with the full co-operation with the school staff, parents and school Board members.  We do not tell the schools what they need.  They ask us to help with their ideas.  It Is very important that we work in this way.

The projects that we have completed at Mnarani, Konjora, Dera Tumani, Mrima Wa Kuku and Matsangoni include:

  • Our first big project was the building of toilets at Mnarani. Since then we have either built or facilitated in building over sixty toilets for the schools.
  • Building and renovating classrooms. We are so pleased to have been able to build or renovate over twenty classrooms. These have included computer labs and classrooms for the Special Needs children.
  • A fully equipped kitchen capable of cooking for eight hundred children at one sitting at Mnarani and a small kitchen shelter at Dera Tumani.
  • We have supplied two boreholes, one of which is solar powered and many water tanks as well as rain harvesting guttering at four schools; Mnarani , Konjora, Mrima Wa Kuku and Matsangoni. Plus of course many hundreds of meters of pipes.
  • Set up three kitchen gardens to teach the children vegetable production.
  • Sponsored teacher training and the cross fertilisation of teaching practice.
  • Repaired many classroom’s roofs by fitting new iron sheeting.
  • Supplied countless desks and a vast amount of stationary and teaching aids.
  • Funded the Special Needs children’s sports inter-school competitions.
  • Sponsored some children at secondary school and vocational training.
  • Installed computers and printers to assist the school’s administrate staff.

We carried out all these projects and ideas with a great deal of help with funding by the Rotary Foundation, by way of District and Global Grants. To obtain these grants various Rotary International Clubs have assisted with their hard won funds. And of course we must remember our regular donors and friends. They are so pivotal to all that we do. Without their regular contributions we could not keep going.