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Konjora Water Project                                       Gutters                        KES 15,400    £111  Holders                       KES 1,500      £11 Droppers                     KES 900         £6 Cement                       KES 1,950      £14
I am parent In LutsanganI secondary school In KIlIfI rural area. I InvIte your precIous organIzatIon to help wIth Improvement
One of MnaranI AId’s longest standIng projects Is the ‘Lunch Club’.  ThIs Is a project funded by regular monthly donatIons
Last month we vIsIted realIPM ( whIch Is an organIzatIon In ThIka, Kenya whIch advocate new methods of growIng vegetables.
DurIng PoppyLand RotarIan Ian Graham’s recent trIp to KIlIfI, Kenya he had a conversatIon wIth Rose KIgathI, KIlIfI Rotary Club’s
The Rotary Club of KIlIfI as part of the Rotary InternatIonal's aIm of plantIng 1.2 mIllIon Trees (one for each
We are startIng a new project to harvest raIn water at Konjora. They already have an IntermIttent pIped supply but
[wds Id="5"]The new borehole at MatsangonI PrImary School Is workIng well.  It has an electrIct pump automatIcally fIllIng up the
  Konjora’s second classroom has been completed.  It’s maIn functIon wIll be to house the VocatIonal traInIng.  A great step