Light A Home

A typical Matsangoni extended family group

Mnarani Aid is starting a new project.  It is called “Light a Home”.  We hope to encourage people to sponsor a Solar Power system to fit in the homes of the Special Needs children of Matsangoni primary school in Kilifi, Kenya. 

All our children are mentally and/or physically challenged.  These families are very poor and have no electrical power or come to that a water supply meaning the mothers and children carry it home in 20Ltr containers.  It is too expensive for them to install mains power and if they could, it would cost too much to use. 

Some of our kids
A Standard Solar Home kit

So, the plan is to get people, partnering with Mnarani Aid, to sponsor a child’s home and family by donating £40 (if that is too much at one go just donate what you can afford) to allow Mnarani Aid to purchase a system for children’s home.  This system will have a solar panel, a battery, three lights and a mobile phone charging point. 

Typical home at Matsangoni

These families live in traditional houses made of sticks and mud, roofed with dry coconut palm tree leaves.  The window openings are few and very small meaning the homes are always dark inside.  During the dry seasons they spend most of the daylight hours outside, but this is not possible in the rainy seasons.  It gets dark in Kilifi at around 6.30pm until 6.00am all the year round.  Some have paraffin Tilley lamps, but again these are expensive to run and make the air inside very unhealthy.

One of #our’ families

By giving them power the children can continue with their vocational studies at home and by stopping the use of the Tilley lamps it will improve their health and save the family money.  It will also give the parents a chance of improving their income generating efforts by charging phones for other people or continuing their normal efforts by having a longer working day.  This income rise will improve the child’s and whole family’s state of nutrition.  Something sorely needed.

When someone ‘buys’ a system via our PayPal account we will send them a picture of their home and family.  This way they can if they wish keep in touch with their family.  This would have to be via Mnarani Aid because these families have no way of directly communicating with the people supplying the kits.

It is easy to do just click on the PayPal button and either use your PayPal account or a credit/debit card.

So, I would ask you to work in partnership with Mnarani Aid and join us in giving the gift of light to these needy disabled children by buying a Solar System.

A very big thank you from the children.