Matsangoni Boarding Unit for Special Needs

Parents from the Matsangoni area have contacted the school to ask if there could be a Boarding Unit for Special Needs children.  These parents find it impossible to bring their children to school on a daily basis.  This could be because of the cost for transport or the time taken to bring these disabled children to school.  Matsangoni covers a very large area.

The School is supportive of this idea.  The school does have spare accomadation to house both boys and girls.  Contact has been made with the local government department who needs to issue permission for this to happen and that is expected in May. 

So how will it work?  The parents will pay for the cost of the children staying over night.  This will have to cover morning and evening meals and the cost of supervising the children.  Their safety is paramount.  What will be required is the infrastuctue to enable this to happen.  Firstly we will have to provide in the first instance matteresses to go on the floor.  Ideally we would love to have beds but depending on funds that may have to wait a while.

We are looking, at the beginning, to provide space for 25 children. 

So here comes the bad bit.  We will need Ksh100,000 (£700) to start with.  We of course do not have that amount of money currently available.  Having completed the water and toilet projects we are short of funds. 

So if you can help please do so.  Find us BT MyDonate


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