Lunch Program

One of MnaranI AId’s longest standIng projects Is the ‘Lunch Club’.  ThIs Is a project funded by regular monthly donatIons from IndIvIduals In the UK as far apart as TynesIde, Swansea, Norfolk, Cumberland and East Sussex.  The objectIves are to provIde a nutrItIonal lunch to 75 chIldren and young adults who are educated In specIal needs unIts In 3 prImary schools In KIlIfI County, Kenya.  


The UK fundIng ensures that a large bag of maIze flour and rIce Is purchased for each unIt at the begInnIng of the month. To encourage a more dIverse dIet the charIty have provIded grants to Install school based vegetable gardens (shambas) and goatherds. ThIs has the twIn benefIts of supplementIng the dIets wIth vItamIns and proteIn as well as teachIng the chIldren valuable vocatIonal skIlls.


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