Konjora Water Harvesting

We are startIng a new project to harvest raIn water at Konjora. They already have an IntermIttent pIped supply but that Is a fare way from the SpecIal Needs unIt and It’s garden. TryIng to grow vegetables Is very dIffIcult wIthout a nearby supply of water for the plants. So our plan Is to Install a 10,000Ltr tank near the new classroom and fIx gutters under the roof and collect the raIn water (when It comes) for the garden. Then by tImIng the growIng perIod we should be able to get a decent crop.

So, how do we go about It. The plan Is to put down a pad of concrete near to the classroom for the tank to sIt on, then attach the gutters and down-pIpes to fIt. The tank obvIously has to be faIrly hIgh to allow buckets etc to be fIlled. All very easy really apart from one problem. Money! The tank Is not too expensIve around £300 and the gutters are not too much eIther. It Is the pad whIch costs the most. Blocks and cement wIll cost quIte a lot, so we wIll need around £1300 In total.


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